Jasmine Star
Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star

Showit Evangelist


Hi, I'm Jasmine Star, an international photographer and though I've garnered awards for my work and was named Top 10 Wedding Photographer in the world, my crowning accomplishment was making meatloaf for the first time last year. I developed my brand by leveraging social media and empowering clients to be the voice of my marketing by creating online evangelists, utilizing Showit's amazing tools! My work has been featured in national print publications and I'm the proud founder and Editor-In-Chief of EXPOSED

I live in Orange County, California with my cantankerous dog, Polo, and my sweeter-than-Nutella husband, JD. I'm a vegetarian who likes to get pedicures and sing at inopportune moments...loves to read and eat chocolate...and I can't spell rhythym...rythm...RYTHYM on the first try.



Stranger than Fiction
JD's Cooking
Our Dog Polo Extraordinaire
My husband JD and my amazing dog Polo
"I'd rather see you fail at something you love than succceed at something you hate." -JD

Jasmine Star Jasmine Star


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